Body Systems

Take a holistic approach to wellness by learning to address wellness in terms of body systems. Think beyond the disease-symptom model, and instead focus on systems that govern the function of your entire body.

Holistic Approach

Interconnectivity of all Body Systems

All body systems are interconnected. When one system is out of balance, others are impacted. Likewise, when one system is supported, the whole body benefits and functions better. For best success, think in terms of body systems to create true wellness, and learn to use natural tools to bring health in this process.

Biological Terrain

  • Quality nutrients
  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Waste removal
  • Chemical and temperature regulation
  • Healthy cells are at the core of wellness

Cellular Health

  • Unhealthy cells, caused by deficiencies and toxicities, result in body systems that do not function optimally.

Specialized Tissues

  • The needs of healthy cells are met by groups of specialized tissues. These tissues form organs and body systems. They perform functions to support cellular health, and consequently, the health of the whole body.

Body Systems

  • As body systems operate normally, they function synergistically together to create overall well being. Imbalances form as specialized tissues and body systems fail to perform their normal functions. Failure to function eventually gives rise to effects that make people conscious of their health.

Using Body Systems Effectively

The Body Systems section of this site is designed to create an opportunity to learn, first, about a body system itself and gain a basic understanding of its purpose or role, its working parts, and what can potentially effect its balance. Second, each page contains key oils and supplements to be learned as go-to solutions, usage tips, additional solutions to numerous wellness goals, user recommended solutions, and references to relevant research.

 The Body Talks
Use the Body Systems section to search health topics and solutions. The body uses specific language to communicate it has unmet needs.

The Long and Short of It
Oils provide support to systems and organs for bring the body into homeostasis (balance).

The Multitaskers
While essential oil use is supporting one system, their complex chemistry supports other systems and organs simultaneously.