Essential Oils for Pets Series #18 Stress Spray

By January 19, 2017Pets
essential oils for pets stress spray

Stressed pets are unhappy pets. This spray is my go-to for overwhelmed pets and should be applied to your pet’s bedding or back 15 minutes before a high stress activity:

Stress Spray

Add the following to a 2oz. sprayer bottle:
-20 drops Lavender
-10 drops Cedarwood
-5 drops Vetiver
-5 drops Frankincense
-Top off with distilled water or FCO


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Tammy Tenison

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Tammy Tenison is a clinical aromatherapist, wellness advocate, and Gold doTERRA team leader who has taught thousands of families how to safely and effectively use essential oils and natural solutions to manage their health and wellness. She is a wife, mom and mimi who makes her home in the Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas.

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