Tammy Tenison is
a mom, mimi, wife, and woman of faith with a passion for health & wellness who has taught thousands of families how to safely and effectively use natural solutions to manage their own health. Through unprocessed whole food, gentle nutritional cleansing,  and detoxing her lifestyle, she has overcome severe allergies, chronic respiratory infections, and autoimmune disease.

certified Clinical Aromatherapist

doterra wellness advocate

certified aromatouch technique

doterra diamond club graduate

doterra gold team leader


Tammy’s Blog Posts


Essential Oils for Couples

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Check out this powerful libido blend if you want to drastically increase the intimacy in your love-life: Libido Roller Bottle Blend -3 drops of dōTERRA® Ylang Ylang -1 drop of…
essential oils for pets worms

Essential Oils for Pets Series #25 Worms

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A drop of Ginger and a drop of Lemon essential oil in Fido’s water bowl helps kill any internal worms while supporting his/her skin. Comment below or direct message me…
essential oils for pets mosquito shield

Essential Oils for Pets Series #24 Mosquito Shield

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Did you know that pets get mosquito bites, too? Keep those pesky bugs at bay with a repellant spray. Simply mix 20 drops of TerraShield in 2 ounces of water…
diy dog toothpaste

Essential Oils for Pets Series #23 DIY Dog Toothpaste

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Dogs love to smile and pet owners love a clean smile! DIY Dog Toothpaste 1 cup Solid Virgin Coconut Oil (SVCO) 10 drops Protective Blend 3 drops Peppermint 2 drops…